Actually, I have nothing against… but… #3: →Trolls and the like


My first troll on the World Wide Web was a certain „PANZER DIVISION JOHN CANDY“, who started one of his mean and contemptuous blogs like in the sentence quoted in the Google Search entry above:

„The internet is kind of like a field of stones…“

Behind the spontaneously highest confidence arousing alias „PDJC“ (…what an incredible shit…!“) hid a bored Englishman, who sat on the tax-free „Isle of Wight“ off the south coast of England and used the Internet with friendly support from Google to make money in the form of fake and hate blogs about „prominent“ musicians through the advertising placed on his blogs. In doing so, he essentially worked his way through the so-called „Nurse With Wound“ – or short: „NWW“ – list and tried to make all sorts of rumors and intimacies about individual candidates of Steven Stapleton’s music index available in a really caustic and scornful way for a general web inspection. So PDJC cleared a lot of stones on the WWW-field before and then mocked himself afterwards.

My (bourgeois, not: „artist“-) name was inexplicably on this list as well, so I got caught in the PDJC flash in the pan – the guy hated me and tried everything to finish me off. By the way, with Google’s blessing, because the blogs of PDJC about Franz de Byl were among the top level rankings for the search term „Franz de Byl“ from 2010 to about 2014.
For some time now, and surely also because he must have gotten into a lot of trouble not only with me, the whole PDJC blog is now gone, removed from the net – in Google search it is nevertheless kept for an indefinite period of time and, so to speak, kept in stock as an empty search result shell…
In any case, I owe PDJC, whose exact civil identity I still haven’t been able to find out, the fact that I have worked my way up to become a full-time professional in the fight against Internet fakers and haters and conspirators – in short: trolls!

PDJC, for example, hated me for the barely notable reason that I had taken the liberty of making fun of this NWW list and publicly asked Steven Stapleton to remove my name from his purely private list. What an affront this PDJC had heard! Outrageous! So he couldn’t even understand how an artist could refuse such an incredibly high award…etc., and finally mercilessly declared me a complete idiot and art enemy #1 and whatever else came to his mind.

Tscha, and of course I didn’t understand that anymore and vice versa PDJC declared motherfucker #1 and so far so far so far so far ….

Anyway, PDJC had declared the total net war to me and tried, among other things, to rush his collected Berlin fans (…well!?…) by net call and publication of my address on my neck, so that they – representing the „Coward & Motherfucker Of The Isle of Wight“ – polish my face or at least send me the pizza service for weeks into the house. This call can still be found today in the picture search for „Franz de Byl“ ( and looks like this:


The fact that this war-declared order of the day of 3 February 2010 was completely ignored for a long time may have been due to the fact that the publication of my residential and business address was and is rather boring – because it is everywhere anyway and therefore easy to find.
But PDJC found a fan almost 10 years later, after his blog had been deleted – posthumously, so to speak -, at least concerning the „order him a pizza“… (you can read this little episode here: PizzaForFranz

That’s the way it is – your own apartment is the Troll’s most valuable asset! In the worst case only the own IP address can be used…
And everything outside your own four walls – in other words: your own bell, your own dark room – is the devil’s! Really net(t) it is then only in the dark!

PDJC’s blogs were bursting with right-wing extremist ideas and he spread disgusting Sado Maso representations of disfigured female bodies – everything that brought him the targeted amount of clicks. Statement = 0, riot = 100. But: He had messed with Franz de Bÿl and was really strong about him, making him the patron saint of all FdB opponents after him.

Whoever searches the Internet in 2019 for „Franz de Byl“ will again find disturbing blogs of anonymous „motherfuckers“ and will probably read them much sooner because of the lurid headlines than the many other, much less hype promising articles.
While the FdB-Grand-Troll PDJC had still spread its hatefulness under only one alias, the authors of the junk and fake blogs published since the beginning of 2016 are always „new“ anonymous, and call themselves „imkreislaufdermacht“ or „vorsichtfranzdebyl“ or „justice league“ or „franzdebylco“ etc. and so on.
They always link to each other and all quote and link to PDJC as the first one who showed it to FdB. No matter if his blogs still exist or not. Really cute, because:
All these defamation writings, which only seem to have been committed by different authors at first sight, come from one and the same feather and one and the same dark room – namely the room of a Neuköllner WG in the Pätzer Straße, 3rd floor, headquarters of the foggy Hidgi-Chuan-Clan.
The virtual writings, which can be identified not only by the links and the style characterized by the highest recognizability but also by the always same choice of words and subject matter (FdB slanders Hidgi Chuan in the worst possible way) as the one-pot jargon of a single three-grown novelist, continue to suggest the urgent suspicion that it could only be a female member of the aforementioned community with a conspicuously trained borderline defect. According to my meanwhile regrettably extensive knowledge of the individual members of this sectarian clan, only a certain „Kiniku“ alias Melanie Woiski remains.
One only has to study the videos presented in large numbers on the YouTube channel of Hidgi Chuan, in which „Kiniku“ plays a role or in which she plays herself and her „“ presence as well as her other accounts (Twitter, Facebook etc.) – everywhere, however, especially in her YouTube videos about Franz de Bÿl (!!) there are identical formulations, headlines and core sentences. A sheer pleasure for every linguistics and psychology expert!
Completely different from e.g. the master himself, who is not too sorry for himself, under his „artist name“ – because as order name he is not allowed to use his Buddhist-sounding monk name… – to publish several completely empty and fact-free videos, blogs and posts about my person (see Hidgi Chuan YouTube channel pp.), or of course also Jesse Sievers, who since January 2016 constantly and in a hell of a way speaks False Testimony against me and distributes her whole inheritance to her „Master“ and his lawyers instead of enabling herself a pleasant life, the stupid p….(latest work of art is a YouTube channel, in which she personally sits in front of the camera and takes a pathetic picture and lies and lies and lies…)
Or this Spaniard Joan Carles Pedro Simon alias „Joan Sean“, who doesn’t know me at all but still had to make at least 3 YT-videos, in which he throws me with slander and diffamation. Yes, even Alain Schmitt’s daughter Annaelle had to do it.
I haven’t counted how many such Internet publications of this clean community I have already had deleted, the correspondence with Schmitt’s lawyers now fills 6 large Leitz folders and a 120 gigabyte space on the hard drive. I have had to obtain injunctions against Google, Alain Schmitt and Jesse Sievers(*), countless applications on WordPress, YouTube, Rutube, Vimeo, veoh andandand, Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. of which also quite a lot were answered positively.

I’m sick and tired of this!

The sect has flooded me with advertisements – the tenor is always: I would defame, discredit, disqualify and discriminate against a blind Buddhist monk or something like that – but the guy does it all by himself, he has stylized himself into a permanent victim for business reasons!
Nothing has worked because I cannot be accused of anything. I have done nothing forbidden. And the so comprehensive „Internet research“ of the author „imkreislaufdermacht“ aka presumably „Kiniku“ brings only one more taz article to light besides PDJC, in whose quotation the author only reveals her ignorance about the fact that the Berlin Senator of Culture at that time was called Anke Martiny (SPD). Finally, she desperately tries a legal dispute between the RBB and me, which she now hasn’t understood at all – it’s downright super-peaceful!
Otherwise she quotes Miss Jesse Sievers (whom she also mentions extensively by name) with her false testimonies against me – but what else is she supposed to do? She doesn’t know me and the False Testimonies of the Jesse Sievers are the only supporting framework on which the more or less clear and cowardly accusations of the sect community around Alain Schmitt stand.
The cult has built up a popanza around its guru, in order to wash itself clean.
And the ass card I should pull…

Franz de Bÿl on May 15, 2019 – Berlin Time 07:18

PS: I thank the friends of the In.Sekten.Gift! network and the troupe who run the idjixuanblog for helping me to find the clear names of the followers of Hidgi Chuan (e.g. Matthias Vogel from vista gGmbH, Stefan Höcht et al.) I don’t know.

(*) Legal proceedings against Jesse Sievers are still pending. A concluding blog about this terrible Love & Hate story will therefore only follow after all legal clarification proceedings have been concluded.